The ADU Design & Approval Process

There are many steps that must be taken in order to design and build an ADU in the Salt Lake City, Park City and surrounding area in Utah. We have created an easy to understand two phased approach that allows our clients to get through the design and city approval process as quickly as possible.

The first phase of the process is about understanding our clients goals and creating the necessary drawings to turn into the city. The second phase of approval is submitting an application along with these drawings in order to begin construction. We are experts in this process and are happy to answer all of your questions during our initial kickoff meeting.

The First Phase

1 – 3 Weeks

Kickoff Meeting, Drawing Plans & Goal Setting

The first phase of building an ADU in Salt Lake City, Park City and the surrounding area begins with a conversation. We sit down to understand your goals of building an ADU on your property. During these few weeks we compile information to build a Schematic Deign & Project Site Plan. From this information we are able to then draw up Custom Conditional Use Drawings which is a requirement for submitting your application to the city.

The Second Phase

3 – 6 Months

Applications, Project Planning & City Permitting

The second phase of the ADU design and approval process takes place after we have created Conditional Use Drawings and a completed Application is ready to be submitted. This phase takes anywhere from three to six months in order to begin construction, we have outlined six detailed steps every applicant must follow to begin.

After the application is submitted there is a 45 day public input period in which City Departments review the information and the Planning Division reviews compliance. Once complete a public hearing is held for the Planning Commission to make a final decision on the project in which there will be an appeal process for any disputes. Finally your application will move through approval and we will be able to receive the building permits necessary to begin construction.


Step 1

Application Submitted + Conditional Use Drawings

Applicant assigned a planner

(typically 7 days)

Note: if application is not completed, applicant will be provided a list of missing information. Step 2 will not begin until application is resubmitted.

Step 2

45 day public input period

Notice is sent to organizations + City Departments

Planning Division reivews compliance and regulations

(typically 45 days)


step 3

Any modifications are made to update the application

City Departments review comments

Step 4 will not begin until applicant resubmits updated information

(typically 1 day)

Step 4

Staff report is created

A public hearing is scheduled

(typically 21 days)

Step 5

Public hearing is held + Planning Commission makes a decision

There is a 10 day appeal period for all Planning Commission decisions

(typically 10 days)

Note: if an appeal is made, it will add an additional 60-90 days


step 6

Application & Conditional Use Drawings are approved

Building permits may now be acquired to begin construction

(time determined by Building Services)