Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Fully licensed and insured, with full bonding capacity, we specialize in the custom renovation and construction of accessory dwellings (also known as tiny houses or mother-in-law apartments) in the Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding area.  

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We are dedicated to making sure that ADUs built in our neighborhoods are an added value to property owners and their neighbors. We are excited that the city has adopted a policy of allowing these tiny homes and are ready to bring our expertise into creating a great aesthetic value to your community. We can use innovative materials and the latest energy efficiency techniques with these popular new building types.

If you would like to learn more about the city’s decision on approving ADUs, you can watch their public hearing or you can visit the City’s ADU website to see the list of benefits and challenges to adding them to your neighborhood. Click the button above for a PDF of the latest regulations.



ADU Questions


When were ADUs approved in Salt Lake City?

ADUs were approved for Salt Lake City in October 2018.

Are there any special requirements from the city?

There are numerous requirments to build a legal ADU. Check out our ADU Checklist to see if your home might qualify.

I don't live in Salt Lake, what are the ADU requirements for my city?

Cities look at ADU’s differently across the state. Please contact our office to inquire about your specific city. Not all cities allow ADU’s.


Are there different types of ADUs?

There are 3 basic types of ADUs.

The first is an Accessory Dwelling Unit that is a small home that is NOT attached to the primary residence.

The second is an addition to the existing structure of the primary residence.

The third is a separate apartment inside of the primary residence. For example, a basement apartment.


Can I do AirBNB out of my new ADU?

No, the city specifically ruled out the possibility of doing any short term rentals like AirBNB, VOBRE, etc out of ADUs.

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